Want the WaterRower from House of Cards?

By James / December 19, 2016
waterrower house of cards rowing machine

I’ve recently been getting into some new TV series and House of Cards was one of them.  If you watch it too then perhaps you’ve been looking at Frank Underwood’s rowing machine and fancied one yourself.  Well, I’ve found that exact WaterRower from House of Cards and in fact have already included it in my Best Rowing Machine guide!

Looking for the WaterRower from House of Cards?

So if you’re wanting the Frank Underwood rowing machine brand so you can work out like he does and release frustration at the end of the day then it’s WaterRower that you’re looking for.  The one shown above is the WaterRower Natural and is one of a few different designs that they have.

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What I love about the rowing machine is how unique it looks.  You can truly imagine it being good enough for someone high up in the political world and it just sits there looking majestic at all times.  It doesn’t look out of place at all and it just screams high quality.

The great thing is that it’s not out of reach of us mere mortals and if we want we could add to our home decor with a well placed wooden water rowing machine!  It’s not at the cheap end of the rowing machines out there at all, but I would also stress that it’s not the most expensive I’ve seen either.

Rowing machines that are powered by water are so satisfying – the resistance is natural and increases as you work harder.  It also has a great sound that I actually find incredibly stress relieving when I’m using it – must be why it features so highly on House Of Cards!

You can see Frank really letting rip on the rower in this clip:


The WaterRower does more than just look good though and it comes well reviewed with many fans of the brand.  Overall a definite investment but one that will be worth it in the long run for all sorts of reasons!


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