How to set up battle ropes at home

By James / January 16, 2017
How to set up battle ropes at home

Last week I posted about which battle ropes were the best to buy and this week I wanted to continue with that theme.  I love battle ropes but many people only use them in the gym so I wanted to talk about how to set up battle ropes at home so you can get the best out of them there too.

What size to get for home?

When choosing battle ropes, always think about where you’re going to train.  If you’re happy taking the ropes to the local park and training there then you can go for longer ropes if you want, but if you’re planning to use them in a basement or garage gym you’ll need to make sure that they’ll fit well.

Remember that the length of your rope will effectively be halved as it goes through the loop point.  So if you buy a 9m long rope then you’ll need 4.5m of straight space to use them.  Garages are great for battle ropes as you can always train with the door open effectively giving you more space!

Gardens are also good for using battling ropes especially if you have trees you can use as an anchor or maybe a clothes line pole and it might give you a bit more space for them.

If you have small hands or are new to exercising then I’d recommend a smaller rope as it is lighter overall and will be more comfortable to use.  Other than that, consider what space you have and work with that.



How to set up battle ropes at home

When using battle ropes you need an anchor point.  Now this flummoxes some people as they perhaps don’t want to have anything permanent.  You have a few ideas of what you can use though.

The cheapest, easiest and least permanent way to set them up is to use a partner to hold them.  You might be more limited in the exercises you can do but it’s a good way to get started and can be fun!

You could also use sandbags or a heavy kettlebell – just thread the rope through the kettlebell and you can use your ropes anywhere.

A more permanent solution is to buy a heavy duty anchor specifically for battle ropes.  There are quite a few on Amazon and they aren’t too expensive.

If you have a large enough garden but no trees or poles you can use then a ground anchor that goes in the grass is another great idea.  It’s less permanent, so if you rent or don’t want to concrete it in it’s perfect but it can be if you find that you’re happy with the position.

Finally you can find a pole or a tree that you can loop your ropes around in your garden.


Remember that you’re not limited to working out at home – why not try and find a good spot in a local park?  If you feel conspicuous just bring a friend along!

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