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I'm James and I've been a bit of a fitness and gym nut for the past few years. I have just recently become a qualified gym instructor and personal trainer. If I'm not washing my car I'll be in the gym!


Best squat rack for home gym (also including power cages)

By James / December 16, 2016

In this post I am going to be looking at the best squat rack for home gyms but I’ll also be looking at power cages too as they are often what people are looking for when kitting out their space at home with a safe weight lifting environment. Squat racks v Power cages What’s the […]


Our Wonder Core Smart review – does it work?

By James / December 8, 2016

The Wonder Core Smart from Thane is one of the most popular exercise machines around at the moment.  It can happen that some of these machines can be a bit of a fad, not helped by the adverts for them which can be very ‘shopping channel’ and cheesy!  So there can often be a worry […]


Best gym equipment for abs and love handles

By James / December 8, 2016

It’s on the top of the list of almost everyone who strives to get fit – abs.  A six pack.  A flat stomach.  Losing the love handles.   However you dress it up, whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s important to us all.  So what’s the best gym equipment for abs and love […]


Best home gym equipment ideas

By James / September 1, 2016

If you’ve decided to build a home gym then it can be something of an exciting yet confusing time.  The possibility of having a gym at home is great, especially if you don’t actually enjoy going to a regular gym.  You won’t have to wait your turn for some equipment, no worries about germs and […]


What are the best cheap protein sources for building muscle?

By James / August 18, 2016

I’ve been looking at my diet a lot recently and know that I need to increase my protein if I’m to be building muscle effectively.  Problem is that my wife then grumbles about the cost – it can certainly be an expensive game and we’ve been investigating budget protein options!  So what cheap protein sources […]


What is the best creatine supplement?

By James / August 13, 2016

Taking creatine is one of the more common nutritional supplements that are around today.  In this article we’ll be looking at what creatine is, why you should consider taking it and comparing a few so you can choose the best creatine supplement for you. What is creatine and why is it useful? Creatine is a natural […]


The best push up bars and handles on the market

By James / August 10, 2016

Adding push ups to your daily exercise routine are an excellent way to increase upper body strength and work on chest muscles.  If you want to do lots of push ups (or press ups as they are sometimes called) then getting some push up handles or bars might help to make them more effective as […]


What is the best pull up bar for home?

By James / August 6, 2016

Pull up bars are often one of the first bits of home equipment people go for, especially the door frame version.  They can be really unobtrusive and allow you to have a quick workout whenever you pass so of course they are very popular.  So what is the best pull up bar for home? What are […]


Resistance band exercises for men

By James / August 3, 2016

If you’re looking for some resistance band exercises for men then I hope you’ll enjoy these.  I’m using a small looped resistance band and also a flat exercise band for these.  I like this combination of bands as they are lightweight and can fit in any bag really, so perfect for traveling! If you’d like […]

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